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The members of the Co-operative Housing Federation of Toronto are housing
co-ops that are located in Toronto and York Region. Housing co-ops pay yearly dues based on the number of units they have in their co-op.

General Information

The area that CHFT covers is very large and the lists on this web site are arranged both alphabetically and by region.

To see a list of all member co-ops by name click here

To see a list of all members co-ops by region click here

Co-ops with Open Waiting Lists

CHFT provides a list of co-ops that have open waiting lists. These units are usually only available at the market rent. Many of these units are affordable, even to people on low income. However if you need a subsidy you will need to apply to the Central Waiting List for municipal co-ops and non-profit housing. For more information please click here

To see a list of all the co-ops with open waiting list by name click here

To see a list of co-ops with open waiting lists by region click here