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Most co-ops have a waiting list of people who would like to move into the co-op. These lists are usually divided into two categories:

• people who can pay the full or "market" rent, and
• people who will need a subsidy.

Subsidy (or rent supplement) is money that the government pays to help lower the rents for people with low incomes. Each co-op has an agreement with the government that outlines the amount of money available and who can qualify.

How to apply if you can pay market rent

If you can pay the full or "market" rent, contact the co-op for an application form.

For a list of co-ops with open waiting lists, click here

How to apply if you need a subsidy

If you need a subsidy to help you pay for your housing, contact Toronto Social Housing Connections at 416-981-6111 or by visiting their web site.

Housing Connections administers the waiting lists for subsidized housing in Toronto including most co-ops.

Please remember

When you apply to a housing co-op, please remember thatthere is no guarantee that the co-op will be able to offer you a unit. You may be placed on a waiting list applications are processed on a first come, first served basis. However, you may have to wait until a unit of the appropriate size is available or the co-op may have to offer housing to certain people first.

Feeling Frustrated?

If you are frustrated that there is not enough affordable housing in Toronto, you can write, fax or e-mail to federal, provincial and municipal politicians. For names and addresses check out the Government Relations page.