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The purpose of the Diversity Committee is to increase awareness of diversity issues and to support under-represented groups within the membership.

Some groups that may be under represented are:

  • bi-sexuals
  • consumer survivors
  • First Nations people
  • gays
  • lesbians
  • older adults
  • people affected by HIV/AIDS
  • people living in poverty
  • people of colour
  • people whose first language is not English
  • people with disabilities
  • people with low literacy
  • spiritual communities
  • students
  • transsexual/transgendered people
  • two-spirited people
  • under-employed people

The role of the Diversity Committee is to

  • increase the understanding and appreciation of diversity within CHFT
  • increase the profile of under-represented groups
  • support under-represented groups
  • encourage leadership from under-represented groups
  • work with the Board of Directors to communicate diversity issues to the CHFT membership
  • work with the Board of Directors to produce diversity educational materials, and to
  • work with the Board of Directors to set up organizational goals pertaining to diversity issues.

CHFT's Board of Directors appoints members of the Diversity Committee on the recommendation of the Committee. The Board will encourage participation in the Diversity Committee from all members, but especially from members of under-represented groups.

The Diversity Committee has set up sub­committees - the People of Colour Caucus, Youth in Action, the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgendered People's Caucus, and the Faith and Spirituality Caucus. These sub-committees report to the Diversity Committee.