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What is co-op living? How do I apply?



A Picture of Cardiff Co-op's Garden

2014 Co-op Garden Photo Album

Click to view all garden albums



2014 CHFT Diversity Scholarship recipients of the month


Zeenat Afghan

Atkinson Housing Co-operative



At Central Commerce Collegiate Institute, Zeenat was a member of the Concrete Roses group for over two years, organizing and promoting student events. The Leading Ladies project at the Scadding Court Community Centre, where she has been a peer leader and a peer leader trainer, works for economic empowerment for women. Zeenat also helped start an all-girls boxing program. She will study social sciences and humanities at the University of Toronto.

Jeremy Hughes

Dexter Johnston Scholarship Recipients

Windward Co-operative Homes


Jeremy is graduating from Bloor Collegiate Institute, where he excelled in maths and sciences  and took part in activities to help younger students and to raise awareness of social issues. He received a leadership award in 2011 from the DAREarts Foundation for Children. As a youth leader and breakdancer, he has worked with others to organize events at schools across the GTA, promoting positive expression through dance. Jeremy will attend University of Guelph to study marine biology



2014 CHFT Diversity Scholarship Event photo album

2014 CHFT Diversity Scholarship Event took place on June 26th at the St. Lawrence Centre for the Arts in Toronto.  This year 20 co-ops sponsored the CHFT Diversity Scholarship event by
making donation of $200 or more.

The CHFT Diversity Scholarship Program is a joint project of the CHFT Charitable Fund and the Co-operative Housing Federation of Toronto. 

Click here to view the profile of this year's recipients.

To learn more about this program please visit the CHFT Diversity Scholarship page on our web site or click here.



2014 CHFT Board of Directors

From left to right front row: Bob Wiseman (CoAction, Main Gerrard Co-op Manager), Rahima Mulla, Vice President (Ernescliffe Co-op), Lindsay Denise (Black Creek Co-op), 

Right to left back row:  Karyn Moore, Vice President (Oak Street Co-op), Zabeda Oumer-Haji, Treasurer (NewHibret Co-op), Katherine Bontje, Corporate Secretary (Ramer's Wood Co-op), Paul Uytenbogaart, President (Local 75 Hospitality Workers’ Co-op ), Angela Watson (Hickory Tree Co-op), Nneka Perry (Campden Green Co-op).



Co-ops Awards from 1997- 2013

Click to view the list of co-ops and their awards.


Housing Co-ops Rally on Parliament Hill – Call on Governments to Fix Looming Housing Crunch

June 4, 2014 (Ottawa) — At a rally on Parliament Hill, Canada’s housing co-ops called on all levels of government to ‘Fix the Co-op Housing Crunch’: expiring federal housing assistance that threatens the housing of thousands of low-income Canadians.  Click here for more information about this rally and related affordable housing campaigns




Group of 2014 CHFT Diversity Scholarship Recipients at the 40th CHFT Annual General Meeting

Click to view the album


List of 2014 CHFT Diversity Scholarship Recipients


Name Co-op
Zeenat Afghan Atkinson 
Basma Al Nadhir Atkinson 
Brandon Arkinson Neil-Wycik
Sushma Bahal Alexandra Park
John Chen Atkinson 
Daxshana Gnanakanthan Bellamy
Fahad Bin Hoque Local 75 Hospitality Workers
Nuha Habay Atkinson 
Shanice Howard Black Creek 
Jeremy Hughes Windward 
Ayaan Ismail Bridle Manor
Desiree Kaunda-Wint Niagara Neighbourhood
Usman Kazi Charles Darrow
Yun Hong Lee Hospital Workers
Ibrahim Mohamed Harry Sherman Crowe
Aida Omer New Hibret
Muna Osman Atkinson 
Frija Rocci-Roesslein Don Area
Lashika Shanthalingam Tamil
Melissa Stephenson Campden Green
Alisha Tabilin Peregrine 
Emile Wickham Ramer's Wood 
Heather Yager Bain


The 11th annual CHFT Scholarship Presentation and fundraising event will
take place on Thursday, June 26 at the St. Lawrence Centre for the Arts.



A Message from Election Services Public Engagement Team


Just a reminder that this June marks the 30th anniversary of Seniors' Month. Check out what events are going on in your communities, or let us know if you're hosting an event.

Upcoming Election Outreach and Related Meetings and Events

Accessible Elections





2013 CHFT Members' Meeting- October 30, 2013- Oakham House

Click to view the photo album.




Flower Garden at Cawthra Manstions Co-op

2013 Co-op Gardens Photos Album




2013 Diversity Scholarship Awards Night Photo Album

2013 Diversity Scholarship Winners Biography



Close the Housing Gap Rally November 20, 2013

The Rally to Close the Housing Gap took off from Toronto at 7:30 a.m. and arrived at 1:00 p.m. at Ottawa.  It then proceeded up onto Parliament Hill and gathers at Eternal Flame. 

Among the attending politicians and community leasers and partners were Councillor Bailao- City of Toronto, Gene Jones- President and CEO, Toronto Community Housing, Sherri Williams- Toronto Community Housing Tenant, and Domanique Gran- President, Co-operative Housing Federation of Toronto.

To view the list of attended politicians, please click here.

to view the agenda and the list of speakers, please click here.



2013 Century of Co-operation Awards Photo Album    




What Co-ops Want After the End of the Operating Agreements- CHFT


The Issue

Many non-profit housing providers and housing co-ops in Toronto and across Canada have long-term operating agreements with the federal government.  Through these agreements, non-profits and co-ops receive subsidy funding from the federal government to provide low and modest income residents with rent-geared-to-income (RGI) affordable housing.

Click to

For more information, please visit Government Relations web page on CHFT's web site.


Taking Action

We need to work together to create a campaign for affordable co-op and non-profit housing in the post-agreement period.  This is an invitation to all co-ops and co-op members to take part.  What you can do:

  • Discuss this issue in your co-op, with your board and at your members’ meetings.
  • Share your ideas and give us your feedback on this discussion paper.
  • Sign up to receive further information and action alerts.

Contact:  Tom Clement, tom@coophousing.com, 416 465-8688 extension 202

Download a PDF



Protecting Co-op Affordability- CHFT Canada

The campaign to help low-income Canadians whose housing is threatened by expiring federal operating agreements. 

The Issue

In the coming years, 20,759 federally-funded co op households under all federal programs, representing 51,898 low-income Canadians, are at risk of being lost.


This is the most important issue facing Canada’s co-operative housing movement.

In order to maintain our successful model of diversity and inclusiveness, we need to maintain rent-geared-to-income (RGI) subsidies for low-income Canadians living in co-op communities across the country.


The lives of thousands of vulnerable people – including seniors, new Canadians, aboriginal people and persons with mental and physical disabilities – will be drastically harmed if action is not taken.


Time is Running Out

Less than seven years from now (by 2020), most of the existing co-op homes currently affordable for low-income residents will become unaffordable if governments across the country do not work together to protect housing affordability.


We are already losing some of these affordable co-op homes. Several tables on this web site outline how many co-op homes could be lost when agreements end each year.


Part of a Bigger Crisis


The problem does not only threaten co-op households. Across Canada, there are 200,000 vulnerable households (housing approximately 500,000 Canadians) in co op, non-profit and public housing whose assistance will be cut when federal operating agreements with these housing providers end.


According to CMHC’s Main Estimates for 2013-14, there will be a $23.3 million decrease in funding as long-term operating agreements end for low-income households in social housing projects, including non-profit housing co-ops. As operating agreements continue to end (and the annual assistance continues to decline), there will be less and less funding available for housing providers to provide affordable housing for Canadians in housing need.


For more information click to visit CHFT Canada's web site.


More Related Topics:


Why your co-op should go through the 20/20 Vision Process

What is in your co-op’s future?  Do you want your co-op to be the great community where people live together and feel good about your homes?  The 2020 Vision is a process that will help your co-op look clearly at your community values, the quality of your management, governance and environmental sustainability. 

Once you see all of this clearly, you can create a vision and plan for your own future.

The program aims to have all co-ops meet high standards of operation, whether you are coming out of your operating agreement or not.  If you start planning for your future now, you are building a sound foundation for the future.  Meeting these high standards of operation means that we can keep the housing we have, and secure it for the future. 

CHFT offers expert support to get your co-op pointed in the right direction and keep it the strong, stable community ready for the future.  For more information or to book someone to come to your co-op to help you through the process, please call Michelle Arscott at 416-465-8688 extension 207 or e-mail to michelle@coophousing.com.


2020 Vision

The 2020 Compass

Charting a course for your co-op’s future

2020 Vision has one purpose: to help your co-op map a bright future. It’s about having a well-run, well-led co-op that’s a great community for the members.

Read more.


What Co-ops Want After the End of the Operating Agreements

Click to view the page



Subsidies in The Post Operating Agreement World

PowerPoint Presentation made to members of Scarborough Co-ops about what the impact will be of the End of the Operating Agreements on subsidy.




Inexpensive Help for Seniors and Adults with Disabilities

CHFT has found out about two programs which provide inexpensive, practical help for seniors and adults with disabilities.


These two programs SAINTS and TIGP are supported by the Ministry of Health and the City of Toronto.  The goal is to help people live in their own homes with assistance.  Both programs connect high school students with people who need help completing housing chores.  The programs expect the user to pay students $10 per hour for their services, which are to be done after school and on weekends.

More information ...



CHFT Charitable Fund Board of Directors

Left to right Cyesha Forde, Kumail Karimjee (President), Felicia Davis, Aarne Juhola (Corporate Secretary), Lily Ng (Treasurer), Janet Gardiner, Donna Charbonneau








2013 CHFT Board of Directors

From left to right: Bob Wiseman (CoAction, Main Gerrard Co-op Manager), Zabeda Oumer-Haji (New

Hibret Co-op), Allison Chase (Ramer's Wood Co-op), Domanique Grant, President(Atkinson Co-op), Angelica Batalla, Corporate Secretary (Bleecker Street Co-op), Lindsay Denise, Treasurer (Black Creek Co-op), Michelle Maldonado, Vice President (Swansea Village Co-op), Front row:  Rahima Mulla, Vice President (Ernescliffe Co-op), Absent:  Onik Khan.



CHF Canada, Co-op Housing's Channel

Your future starts now: Co-op housings at the crossroads


 July 27, 2010  
CHFT Diversity Program earns MacDonald Award
Run time 12:14




CHFT has adopted a No Scents policy for its' members' meetings and events.  Please follow this link to read the policy.